Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Monk's Musical Musings

This blog will be used as a forum for the expression of my thoughts about music, which is the love of my life. More speciffically, my thoughts about the evolution of western art music and music theory. I have decided to re-study my way through my library of music theory books starting with Hugo Reimann's "The History of Music Theory" in order to bring my compositional technique up a notch or two, and as I go, I will be sharing my observations and drawing conclusions from those observations. If you happen to find this blog and are a musician - performer, teacher, or composer - I welcome your comments, whether you agree with me or not and whether you are in the traditional, jazz or popular generas.

Since my undergraduate degree is a jazz composition degree, and my masters degree is in traditional composition, I hope these discussions can be broad and wide ranging. The point here is for me to formulate my thoughts and increase my understanding of the art and science of music (And music was classified as a science in the Quadrivium). Perhaps we can all learn from each other in this endeavor.


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