Monday, June 20, 2005

Site Notice One

I will be travelling to San Antonio this week to visit my mother and some friends, and to take some much needed R&R, so there will be no new posts until at least Thursday 06/23 or later. If you discover this blog while I'm away and are addicted to music theory and composition as I am, please read through the previous posts, as there are only a month's worth to catch up on.

This brief hiatus will give me an oportunity to finish off Zarlino and chart the direction in which I wish to proceed. Currently, I am leaning toward addressing Fux as the last of the historical contrapuntal treatises, but I'm not positive about that as my current compositional endeavors are harmony-based in nature and it appears that will be the case for at least a while.

Also, if you like what I'm doing please consider putting a tip in my PayPal "tip jar", since photo hosting, internet service and the like costs real actual money and I'm just a full time gigging guitarist and private teacher, and so have modest means at my disposal. I would like to think that the information I freely share here is also of some value, as it reflects nearly thirty years of my quest for musical knowledge and understanding.

UPDATE: Before I left today I went through my blog and discovered some comments I was not aware of. I thought I would get e-mail notifications, but I failed to enter my e-mail address in the appropriate field. I'm kind of a computer luddite in some ways, so please forgive that unintentional oversight. I will also update my profile to display my e-mail address if you want to contact me off the blog. I welcome questions, but be aware that they could turn into posts. ;^)


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