Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Gleeful Rant

Life is not a box of chocolates, as Forrest Gump opined remembering his late mother. Life is more like the perfect jalapeno pepper to me: an exquisitely unique taste unavailable anywhere else that nonetheless is guaranteed to burn you in a deliciously ironic way. That's life: delicious and dangerous at the same time.

After a week that saw musical equipment failures that will end up costing me no less than $1.500.00, Apple finally shipped my Mini. It should be here sometime next week, so I'll be able to FINALLY start to present my analysis of Beethoven's Ninth. But it's cooler/weirder/more ironic than that, of course, because it's the "blistering jalapeno of life". It seems that every time some sort of debacle overtakes my endeavors, something uncannily wonderful comes of the tribulation. Either I meet someone who becomes a lifelong friend, or a valued business associate, or something along those lines: My life's clouds don't have silver linings, not even gold ones; my life's clouds have diamond-plate titanium-reenforced platinum linings!

So, I shorted out a circa $500.00 Turbosound PA speaker? Big deal. No problemo, jeffe. While searching for someplace to repair it, I ended up buying a backup pair of those Turbos for a fraction of the cost of new ones, and met a "speaker guru" who is now the man when I have an issue in that area. I love it when that happens, but I must admit that it's not unusual. In fact, it's almost routine. Any time some unforseen eventuality catches up with me, my initial reaction is still "Oh, crud" (Er, well that's a rough aproximation of my initial response, anyway), but my secondary reactive response is, "Cool! Wonder who I'll meet on this unexpected detour?"

I once heard a wise and successful man say that there are three keys to success in life (As a self-made BILLIONAIRE, I thought he might be worth listening to): Number one: Attitude; Number two, Attitude, Number three... Attitude. So yeah, I'm ticked off that I have to deal with this nonesense, but I figured it would turn out better for me than when I went into the deal, and it has. If I had thought otherwise? Does the term "self-fulfilling prophesy" ring a bell?

Then, there is the theraputic ointment that only blowing it all off and riding a motorcycle can administer. Hey, we all need our coping mechanisms, no?


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