Monday, October 31, 2005

New Site and Blog Links

I have added new links to some fresh and interesting blogs I've found in the sidebar. Be sure to check them out: I enjoy the bloggers the most who have opposing philosophies to mine. I understand better where I'm comng from when I try to understand where others are coming from, and remember: Despite my strongly-worded defenses of my own position, I accept and respect the positions of others who happen to ascribe to other musico-philosophical viewpoints. Cool thing about music is, it's more than big enough to encompass us all. And, it will certainly survive us all as well ;o).

I also went on a fugue-related surfing session this morning. If you haven't checked it out, Smith's Canons and Fugues of Bach is an incredible site, and that lead me to several others that I added in the Links category. There are actually quite a few composers out there who are writing fugues. As I get more time, I will add others that I found. One German winner of a fugue writing contest back in 2000 is spectacularly good: I'm going to see if he has a homepage at some point, but I have chores to do today (Fresh out of clean undies, and the truck is a mess, so it's "laundry and carwash day" (I just know you're glad I shared that)).

Finally, I added a link to an article that I'm not sure how I feel about. The guy sort of disses Bach in some ways, but the perspective is unique (At least, I've never heard a take like that on Bach before). I have always felt that Bach's episodes were kind of overwrought and overly virtuosic in some ways, but that's also one of the fabulous qualities of his music: He was a virtuoso improviser, after all. It's entitled "Bach: His Predecessors". Read it and see what you think.


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