Saturday, October 17, 2009

ErgoPlay Solution for Blackbird Rider Nylon: "Kid Size"

Just for giggles I decided to order a "Kid Size" ErgoPlay Guitar Support to see if both of the front suction cups would adhere to my Blackbird Rider Nylon guitar without it being too small to use. I figured since they are made for 3/4 size guitars, it might just work.

Not only does it work, but it works perfectly!

As you can see, both of the front suction cups adhere with only millimeters to spare. Though the Kid Size ErgoPlay is only about an inch shorter than the standard sized one, the suction cups are smaller and closer together. That's the standard size model on the floor there - only one of the front suction cups would stick with that one. Oh, and the white dust on the ax is from my acrylic nails. LOL!

Here's the front view.

With the standard unit in the foreground, you can see that, other than the cup size and spacing, there is very little difference in size. The only bummer is that the Kid Size unit is dark blue and not black, so it doesn't go with the ax quite as well. No biggie, I guess. The original unit is now my spare.


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