Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Juke Yard: Lexicon MPX-G2 Service and Repair

First of all, if you own a Lexicon MPX-G2, you need to join the STEC Records MPX-G2 Forum. The site administrator there, Bob Sellon, is a former Lexicon employee who helped design the MPX-G2, and that is where I met Keith of The Juke Yard, which is where Bob sends his G2's for service.

If you have a Lexicon MPX-G2, you ought to know that it uses a backup battery to keep the user programs in memory. When that battery fails, "poof," all of your programs are gone. Since I have played through nothing but MPX-G2's for over ten years now - it is the best combination preamp and effects unit ever made for guitarists still, after being discontinued for several years - I'm very paranoid about the backup batteries, because I have literally hundreds of man hours worth of programming stored in them. I say them, because I have five MPX-G2's now. One reason for so many is my paranoia about losing all of that programming work... the other is that I'm a gearoholic who, "needs" five different rigs for every conceivable type of venue and recording situation.

Well, that memory backup battery isn't just a regular watch type battery that you can easily replace, it's a special type that needs to be un-soldered to remove, and re-soldered to replace. I'm terrible with that stuff, so I had Keith do two of my units last week (I'll send two others to him after Thanksgiving). Turnaround was super-fast, the work was excellent, and he also checked out every function to make sure they were 100%. IMO, there's no substitute for the peace of mind I get from having a pro do this kind of work, so by New Years, My G2's will be set for another decade of gigging and recording.

Keith also works on other Lexicon gear - and juke boxes, of course - so if you have a dead Jam Man, send him an email and bring that puppy back on line.

But wait, there's more. STEC Records also has a dump tool for Windows users that allows for all of the MPX-G2 user programs to be dumped to a PC for safekeeping! I'm going to put Windows on one of my Intel Macs so I can use that and also the Windows-only FSeqEdit program for my Yamaha FS1R's.

So, I'm happy to welcome The Juke Yard to the, "Hucbald Endorses" section of my sidebar.


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