Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Gratuitous Sex: The Mac Mini Arrives

Good news. Great news, in fact. My FexEx guy showed up with the Mini this afternoon (I call him my FexEx guy because once they have to go to the trouble to find where I live, I kinda owe them that: "My MAN!"). I must say, this was the most complete "Christmas Experience" I've ever had with a new computer, and that's saying a lot, because Macs are never a chore to set up and get online post haste. Now, with Bluetooth and AirPort to grab stuff off of my laptops that are in other rooms of the Monestary, it really is an amazingly slick and simple process.

Of course, the diminutive size of the Mini is the first thing you'll notice about it, along with the sleek and simply elegant design execution, but what's "under the hood" is pretty amazing. I've always been into Apple's designs, and the extremely small ones at that, since I also have a 12" G3 500 iBook Dual USB and moved to the Mini from the calssically cool G4 450 Cube. I could stack five Mini's inside of the Cube's lucite shell and the Mini is 4x faster, comes with 4x the memory that the Cube did, has a Superdrive versus the Cube's original DVD-ROM optical drive, AirPort Extreme Versus the Cube's original AirPort card, and did I mention Bluetooth? More than that, though, the buss is twice as fast and the graphics card is several orders of magnitude better: I knew my 23" Cinema HD Display was good, but it looks like a whole new monitor when driven by the Radeon 9200 versus the old G-Force 3 that I retrofitted into the Cube a couple of years ago. This is as close to sex as a Monk is likely to get.

As you can see, I have a much nicer working environment that my tonsured bretheren of previous generations. Doesn't it look neat and tidy with the wireless keyboard and mouse? Yes, that's a Darth Maul mousepad, and I'm watching the SciFi channel.

I will begin preparing the first analysis post of the Allegro of Beethoven's Ninth after my gig tonight. It should be up Wednesday sometime. But now? Back to SciFi and Surfing!


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