Monday, September 19, 2005

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I have been ill for the last week. Nothing terminal, but I almost wished I was dead a couple of times. Seems some super-cold thing is going around, and I feel like absolute crap. Misery loves company, and several of my friends are down with the same bug. All of them confirm it's a different kind of cold virus. Quite severe and long lasting. Might even be some sort of flu, but I haven't had chills or anything like that. The worst part? I'm feeling somewhat better the last couple of days, but every time I lay down to sleep I start coughing. That's even worse than the gigs I've had to cancel (Mostly due to lack of sleep: My warmup for a gig is a nap. Hey, I'm 47, mm-kay?).

I have one of three pages of the next installment of my Beethoven analysis done, and during my illness all I have felt like doing is that and working on my sonata movement - which I've had some cool breakthroughs on, BTW - so I'll probably take the rest of the week off and get back to real work next weekend.

Back to the sore throat medicine (God gave us Cognac for a reason).


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