Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"Serial Killer" Fugue: Somebody Stop Me...

... before I kill again! LOL!

Just for grins, I tested out this subject on the guitar, and... it works amazingly well. It is also nominally in A minor, so it might even replace the current finale of Sonata Zero, but that's just wild speculation at this point. One thing is certain, and that is that this is going to be a very modern, non-traditional sounding fugue: The chromaticism of the subject - and the fact that it is a twelve-tone row - made the most obviously perfect counterpoint to it quite radical by my admittedly antedeluvian standards.

The answer also absolutely, positively had to be perfectly real to replicate the tone row on the dominant level. You put all that together, and you get something weird and wonderous like this:

Here are the first twenty measures: The exposition, a non-modulatory episode, and a middle entry statement. It's tonally based, but quite dissonant, and it's in a unique style I've never written in - or even heard - before. I put it in my .Mac FileShare page as a Work in Progress The filenames are WIP_FTTS.pdf/.mid for those who might like to take a listen. It will certainly turn out to be the most teeth-grindingly "severe" fugue I've ever come up with, but God only knows where this mind-bendingly bizarre path will lead me. I really, really, really, look forward to this particular journey!


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