Friday, February 24, 2006

More Miscelaneous Musings

I have just completed "v2.0.0 beta" of the Axial Fugue in E for solo guitar, and I've uploaded the screenshots of it along with tonight's Elvgren lovlies (Yes, two of them for this post, just to make a point) into my Smugmug account. Due to tonights major giggage - the Cowboy Poetry events are this weekend and the place will be packed with people who only get to hear me once a year, so I gotta be sharp - I can't take the time this morning to write that post: Must_practice_guitar. If I'm not shot when I get home tonight (I may go out after the gig and enjoy one of my twice/thrice yearly drinking binges since it's going to be a riotously good time, come to think of it: I'll probably get about a c-note's worth of tips!), I'll start on that post then.

If "v1.0.0 alpha" represented the piece as short and simple as it could possibly be with just the basic thematic and transitional episodic materials, this version is the longest it could be with those same materials, only now with them completely developed. All of the complex contrapuntal derivative combinations are now presented (Taneiev would be proud), and the exposition(s) have been re-worked to both set up and present some of those derivatives. The recap now has the subject, countersubject one doubled in thirds, and countersubject two presented simultaneously, and I even worked out the fingering to make sure it is playable. It is, but not by me (Yet). This is going to end up being a seriously demanding virtuosic work, and I've already decided that I'm just going to have to make learning it a priority. Since my MO is to learn some minor works while simultaneously working on big bombastic stuff, this will give me a chance to catch up with some medieval and renaissance pieces I've wanted to add to my set, but I'm going to have to put off some of the other "crowd pleasers" on my list. Tough. This is important.

As it stands now, the piece has grown to 356 measures and ten pages, which is sixty-one measures longer than the alpha version's 295. That puts the piece a few seconds beyond four minutes in 2/4 at 172 BPM, so it's getting well along toward "serious piece" territory. Since I already have at least two contemplative interlude-type episodes planned for the exposition and it's varied repeat (Two versions of the same episode; one minor and the other major for the respective sections), and I'm also going to want to balance those with related episodes in the development recap areas, v3.0.0 will probably end up somewhere over 400 bars (!), which would be nearly five minutes. For me, that's positively epic.


Played the eleven-string in the after-dinner slot again last night, and it went much better. I didn't suddenly die, rather I ran out of time. I'm feeling just the slightest hint of left-forearm tightness this AM - I wouldn't call it soreness - so I'm progressing quite nicely with my instrumental strength training. I was also much more comfortable playing it last night than previously, but I sure wasn't daydreaming or people-watching while I played it like I do with the Multiac. And I again was wiped out and went straight to bed when I got home, despite good pre-gig nappage (Q: "Dear Hucbald, How do you prepare for a gig?" A: "I'm forty-eight years old; I take a nap!" LOL!).


I just thought this artist-rendition was too freaking cool:

When I was a kid, all my dino-toys were grey or green and had elephantine hide patterns: Now they have feathers. That just tickles the snot out of me. One of my hobbies is that I'm an ameteur paleontologist: I'm into it enough that I put a fossil on my first CD cover:


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