Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Glissentar Strings! Glissentar Strings! Glissentar Strings!

The title of this post is a little bit of "Google Chumming" since I have noticed that an inordinate number of non-regular visitors to my blog are looking for... Glissentar Strings via Google. So, I thought I'd start today's post off with a little PSA for Glissentar owners.

Here's what you have to do: 1) Find a music store that carries Godin guitars, Seagull guitars, Art & Luthiery guitars, Simon & Patrick guitars, or LaPatrie guitars - any one of those brands, any combination of those brands, or all of those brands - because they are all manufactured and/or distributed by LaSiDo. 2) Tell a salesman there you are looking for Glissentar strings. He won't have any (Unless you are stupid lucky). 3) Then tell him you would like to order some. He won't think he can do that for you if they aren't a Godin dealer. 4) Then tell him that they are distributed by LaSiDo, who also distributes "XYZ" guitars that they sell, so he will be able to order them for you. 5) Then - and this is very important - have him call the LaSiDo rep while you are there. Even reps in weird and remote regions should have one or two sets on hand, as mine did, so you can get them sent to your dealer right away. 6) This will tide you over until you can get an entire box of ten sets ordered. It will take weeks, perhaps months, for these to come in. Ask (politely) every couple of weeks how the order is coming. If at all possible, have the dealer e-mail you and cc you on any correspondence with the rep. Having the rep's e-mail can be a life saver if something "weird" happens: My order happened to go in the week of the NAMM show, and it got lost in the mayhem, for example. A kind follow-up by me via e-mail reminded the parties involved of the ball which had been dropped. Oh, a box of tens set will be about $200.00-300.00 USD, depending on the relationship you have with your dealer, so read my previous post about doubling your string life.

UPDATE: My invoice just arrived, and the dealer cost for a set of Glissentar strings is "circa $8.00" (That's as speciffic as I'm willing to get) with the MSRP set at $25.00. This is about the right markup for string sets, which are traditionally a high profit-margin item (How else do you think dealers can afford to do "two-for-one" string specials?). Add shipping and handling to that, and your dealer will be out about $85.00-95.00 for a box of ten. I like to buy local and support my area dealers and reps when I can (I've worked at countless music stores over the years), so I'm pretty generous with my opening negotiating point (And as a result, they almost always take my first offer), but I'll leave that up to you. Keep in mind though that if you pay them fairly for the service, they will be much more willing to re-order for you when you need them to. In fact, they will make your business a priority.


I'm going to go hear some longhair music tomorrow night:

No, not classical longhair music, country longhair music.

I was shocked when I heard that Willie Nelson was coming to tiny Sul Ross State University in little Alpine, Texas to benefit even smaller Marfa, Texas' Public Radio station, but here he is. I didn't even have to wait in line for tickets and I'm in a nice spot down on the floor. Will wonders never cease. Willie is one performer who definately makes me feel young, and it seems like he's been a Texas institution since I can remember. My first great guitar teacher, Jackie King, played with Willie for years in the Willie Nelson Family, and he's the (freaking amazing!) guitar guy on those jazz albums Willy has done. Should be fun.


Noticed at the gig tonight that my strength has already markedly increased: The action of the Multiac now feels implausably light after several days of strangling the Glissentar. I'm wondering what I'm going to have to get to make the Glissentar feel light. A six-string acoustic bass guitar, perhaps! I actually wouldn't mind having one of those.


Happy Valentine's Day!


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