Sunday, February 05, 2006

Off Topic, but Amazing

A friend of a friend here in Texas found a newborn albino whitetail deer. The mother had been killed in a vehicular collision. Statistically, only about one in one million whitetails are born as pure albinos, and most of them do not survive long in the wild for obvious reasons. This one was so young (Just a day or two old) that it had no fear of humans and trotted around the house after the guy, his wife, and their kids just like a puppy would. They fed it whole milk with baby formula added to it (I think), and it fed perfectly well for them. It is illegal to keep or kill an albino whitetail here in Texas, so he contacted a veteranarian who put him in touch with a local game warden (Who does actually have jurisdictional authority in these cases). Needless to say, he, his wife, and the kids were heartbroken to have to part with the cute little critter, but the warden assured them that this case would go "to the very highest levels" and that the little deer would enjoy a safe and well-cared-for existence. Sad to say, the best thing that could have happened for this little gem was that she lost her mother, as there is little chance souch a delicat creature would have lasted long in coyote-infested Texas with no natural camoflage, not to mention that the sun would probably have killed her all on it's own. Note the shoe for a size comparison and the unbelievably pink eyes and skin: This deer is about the size of a beagle!

Absolutely adorable.


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