Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dear Brave Anonymous

First of all:

Now that's posing. In style. On a $20K BMW motorcycle. Have you even made $20,000.00 in your entire life? I'm doubting it based on your command of the English language.



The rules are simple: If you can compose a better fugue than I can, then - and only then - will I listen to what you have to say about music. If you can't, then SHUT THE F#@* UP and BACK AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD! "My own counsel will I keep!" - Yoda


For those of you wondering what's going on, I have a... "fan" ;^) I picked up this fan by doing a hit-and-run slam over at "Pretenza 21" (Better Navel-Gazing through Electron Microscopy!). You can see the inane thread here in the comments to the idiotic "Decline and Fall" article.

I know, I know. I shouldn't have. It's like making fun of Mongoloid Idiots - oops - "people afflicted with the polyploid genetic defect known as Down's syndrome." Ahem. But there's just so much head shaking and chortling I can do sometimes before I'm forced to respond. Those guys remind me of the hilarious insanity on parade over at DU and Daily Kos. None of them have any clue about music, and they are all WAY too self-conscious to make any kind of an honest musical utterance.

At least when they are writing about music they aren't writing what passes for music in that gaggle of the guilt-ridden.

So, Brave Anonymous decides to alert me that someone has responded to my cut in the comments (I'm betting it was HIM alerting me to HIS response, but I couldn't prove that). I duly checked it out, and got a few laughs out of it. Big whoop.

Then he got offended that I deleted his comment on MMM - I'm guessing (Which had nothing to do with the topic of the thread) - and revealed himself as a punk.

Oh, well.

I still say the best chance any of the Pretenza 21 crowd have of going down in music history is if they wind up in footnotes in the book that will be the story of... my life, so nya-nya Brave Anonymous.


Finally, today's babe is for The Brave Anonymous as well:

I just knew those pix would come in handy someday. LOL!


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