Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Let the Games Begin

May is the month for the residents of Delos to submit their musical entries for the anual Delian Games. I posted a blog entry for my piece here, but there is a seperate Delian site about my entry also posted here (That link is for DSL users and plays an MP3 of my piece when you download the page, if you are a dialup user, there is a seperate link for you here).

Several Delians are participating this year, and the main Delian site for the 2006 Games is located here.

As I mentioned previously, this year's theme is ghost stories or otherwise otherworldly music. Entries so far have been great fun and display a wide variety of approaches.

We Delians are in the process of creating an online orchestra with the idea that we could swap files and record parts online to realize each other's pieces. If you are a tonal composer or a player who is interested in contemporary tonal music, check out the main Delian site here and register.


I'm pushing for an awards ceremony next year.


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