Monday, June 26, 2006

iPod: First Generation 5GB vs. Fifth Generation 30GB

I was one of the "first kids on the block" with the original first generation 5GB iPod back around Christmas of 2001. When I first got the iPod, it was somewhat of a nuisance: Everywhere I went with it, people would stop me to ask about it and check it out. I wan't into the concept of being an Apple Ambassador At Large, but it was kind of amusing.

Eventually, the little jewel infiltrated my entire life. After discovering Etymotic ER-4 in-ear Earphones I took the iPod with me when I rode my motorcycle (Which was well over 10K miles per year for a while, since I owned no four-wheelers for nearly ten years), with the Etys playing the dual role of earplugs and entertainment. With a PowerPod auto AC adapter, I never ran out of juice, either (BMW motorcycles have accessory outlets, of course).

I eventually filled up my old iPod, and when I got my new Mac Mini a few months back, I transferred my iTunes library to it, but I didn't bother syncing the old iPod to it: I wanted a new iPod to go with the Mini (The old one went with my dear, departed Cube). Problem is, there are so many iPod choices now, from the gum-stick sized Shuffle, to the sexy little Nano, and on to the 30GB and 60GB models. I couldn't make up my mind.

The tipping point was reached when video eyeglasses started to appear, and I realized I wanted those (Of course: I'm a gadget freak). So, I bought a new 30GB iPod. Why not the 60GB? Thickness. The 30GB is thin enough to wear in an armband when I walk or jog (And, I got the coolest neoprene sport armband, natch), but the 60GB is about as thick as my original, which was juuuust a tad to "clunky" to jog with. The 30GB is a little less than half as thick as the original iPod, and is lighter as well. I love that.

I'll post a full review later.

I like the black. Black is cool.


They are sort of yin and yang-like, huh? The old iPod will be relagated to motorcycle duity, while the new one will sex-up the rest of my life.


Video capability offers some... ahem... interesting possibilities.


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