Saturday, June 03, 2006

Reductio Fingerings

I have now learned the Reductio theme and entered the fingering. There are not any position indicators, because the tessitura of the piece doesn't require anything above the fifth fret. Fortunately, I had to make exactly zero concessions to the guitar: The music remained absolutely pure, which is rare. Usually, something can't be sustained and attacks must be repeated &c., but not in this case.

The possibility exists for this to be played in either A minor or A major, and in either duple or triple time. I have yet to investigate whether the major mode version can be played in as pure a form as this minor mode example, but I believe that it can. Next, I plan to make two versions: This one in A minor and tempus imperfectum (Which I'll probably change to 4/4), and a second in A major and in tempus perfectum (In 3/4).

Even though the performance time is only circa thirty seconds, the piece makes a nice and effective interlude between pairs of faster pieces on the same pitch level. So, the plan is to have one placed in the A minor suite in my set (Which is the opening suite that I play), and the other in the A major suite (Which is the last suite I play before my break).

There is also the possibility of using 4-3 and 2-3 suspension chains due to the series of parallel thirds in the theme, but that would preclude playing the piece pure, as some re-articulations would be inevitable. I'll explore that possibility, but first things first: When I have these both comfortably integrated into my set, then I'll worry about that.

Here it is, all eighteen bars of it:


Anyone out there old enough and geeky enough to remember this?

Well, it turns out that there are no such things as black holes as traditionally defined: A singularity of infinite density. Evidently, there is another resistive force which precludes total gravitational collapse. There can still be super-dense bodies which are more dense than a neutron star - and they still have the property of gravity so great that even light cannot escape - but beneath the "event horizon" (Which may be similar to a "crust" it is now speculated) is an object with both mass and volume. Interestingly - to me anyway - Einstein did not believe that black holes could exist either, even though his theories predicted the possibility for them.

You know what this means, don't you? No, no: Forget the insignificant fact that there will have to be a wholescale revision of astrophysics; That's small potatoes. This means that the entire Star Trek universe will have to be re-thought!!! What will we do without singularities, wormholes, and cosmic string fragments?! I mean, Romulan ships are powered by an artificial singularity which provides the required gravity well.

This is a tragedy of epic proportions, the surface of which I have not even glimpsed (Because it does not reflect light!).


Ever notice how chicks who ride horses have the most amazing buns? I have.


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