Saturday, July 15, 2006

New MySpace Page/An Absolutely Amazing Gig

I've set up a MySpace page. I seem to be kind of late into the game on this, but I really had not investigated it before, and I hadn't heard much about it. Well, it seems like everybody who's anybody has one - along with everybody else who's nobody - so I have spent the past week putting it up and recording some music for it.

Hucbald's MySpace page is here, and like I say, I have made some recordings with my new recording studio setup for it.

After getting the M Box/ProTools 7.0 LE settup for my Mac Mini, I found myself using the Bounce To Disk as MP3 feature all the time. Unfortunately, that feature is a third-party deal, and it comes as a 30 day demo. After the demo expired, it took FOR...EVER to figure out how to get it back. First, I bought the authorization, then I had to buy the disks (I had gotten LE 7 as a free promo download) - silly me bought the WRONG DISKS - then a couple of hours on the support site, followed by 45 minutes on hold with tech support... Let's just say it was an ordeal, and leave it at that. vX.0 of NO software should ever be bought.

But, I eventually got it, so "all's well that ends well," as they say.

I recorded nine pieces in just three takes - 3 Pieces in E Minor, 3 Pieces in G Major, and 3 Pieces in E major - so everything is a first take. I did this to get around the four song limit that MySpace has. Due to "The First Take Challenge" I issued myself, there are a few clams and dropped notes, but I was actually pleased I have gotten to the point where I can do this well on the spur of the moment. I'm telling you, performing live a lot gets your consistency way up. Even if you are a so-so player like I am.


Now, for the absolutely amazing and super fantastic gig I had yesterday.

It was at a ranch just south of the New Mexico border:

I mean, a real ranch, complete with cattle:

There was a problem: Either take my gear up these stairs one piece at a time...

(Perhaps they look more intimidating from this angle)

...or, drive my truck up this hill:

Did I mention that my truck's trip computer told me it was 104 degrees F when I arrived for this job?

I hate that photo: That's about a 40 degree grade with a lot of soft sand, and as with pictures of angry oceans, the camera just flattens it all out. Pshhh. Anyway...

This was the only gig I've ever played where having a full-sixed 4x4 truck with a 4" Rancho Lift Kit was actually required.

In Texas, it's not the clothes that make the man, it's the truck: This truck is me.

It turns out that only for or five vehicles made it up that hill. The poor DJ's small 4x4 pickup could not make it with his gear trailer in tow. I know that first hand, because he asked me to do the driving, as he was... ah... inexperienced with four wheel drive shennagans. The poor little Ford got bogged down in the sand with it's skinny street tires. At least I had done that sort of thing enough to not get it stuck, and the worst part of the deal was having to back the stupid trailer down that steep grade with the kinks in it.

This is why I'm a believer in small, compact gear, full sized 4x4 pickups with bed covers, and dollys with inflatable tires:

The only things not on the dolly are my guitar and folding chair.

There had been a viscious wind storm the previous day with 60 MPH winds - right after they got everything set up, of course - and the chairs and tables had just been, er... "recovered." The columns with the flowers were left down because the wind was still almost 40 MPH when I arrived.

And, this is where I set up:

Is that cool or what? It looks like I'm just out in the middle of the desert somewhere, and I AM!

By the time the ceremony started at 8:45 PM, the temp was in the low 90's (Not bad for as low as the humidity is out here), and the wind had completely died out and had given way to a gorgeous and serene calm.

There was a Mariachi singer/guitarist performing the music for the ceremony (And, he completely kicked ass), so I was able to enjoy the the ceremony, the music... and the scenery.

(I just snapped these sitting in my little folding chair)...

This was one of the best thought out weddings I've ever played, and I've played... a few.

What a day.

I love ranches.


Anonymous Lily said...

I love ranches-- great shots you took. Ever spend time working on a ranch? Best time ever. I think it's funny listening" to people freak that they're "in the middle of nowhere, "a godforsaken place". Those are the places you notice the universe and feel the life in you.

6:48 AM  

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