Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Axial Fugue: Toward a Fair Copy (Pt. 2)

OK, this little booger is in the bag now.


We are at the beginning of the second half of the development here, and the c finger is required on the top system. After that, however, it's right back to orthadox traditional technique again.

Primary to making these things readable is consistency: I have the right hand indicators at the stem end of the note all the time, and the left hand indicators at the head end. Sometimes it is not possible to put the left hand finger designator numbers to the left of the note head because of crowding. Traditionally, this was solved by reducing the number of measures per system, but I select the numbers of measures per system to reflect the phrasing. So, I just put them where they will fit some times (Such as the final measure of the middle system here).

The pitch climax is the c-sharp in the last measure of this page, and so the fifth position is as high as the piece ever gets. Quite conservative in that respect, actually.

Here at the beginning of the recapitulation is the original Sergei Taneiev inspired contrapuntal combination that I wrote at the beginning of this project. Since I have been using my c finger since I was a steel string player, the alternating a - c on the second system is not as difficult as one might think. The repetitive pattern is actually quite natural feeling. Getting the left hand fingers into position smoothly is another thing entirely, though.

What I plan to do is learn the piece by sections: Learning the exposition will make the counterexposition easier to learn, learning the first development area will make the second easier to learn, and all of that together ought to shape my technique up for the recapitulation.

The recap is also in two parallel parts, the second of which is more developed, as you can see, so that will make for six bite-sized chunks. I figure one every month or so and in six months to a year I'll be ready to debut the thing. Grave, of course.

"Well, there you have it. There it is." as the line from Amadeus went.

I have posted both of these wretched, blasted PDF's on my Fileshare Page for those interested (In addition to the urtext and a MIDI to MP3, of course).


I'm feeling quite a bit better today, and if I can just manage to get to sleep without any NyQuill tonight, I ought to be back to my practice routine tomorrow. That would be perfect, as the new year's first major gigs are coming up soon.

"Hi Ho, Silver!" Indeed.


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