Monday, May 28, 2007

Fun With Ancestry Part I: Hucbald de Medici

Probably the greatest timewaster ever - as well as the most fun - is in my humble opinion

I've always known I had royal blood in me, because my mom has always said that I am a royal pain in the ass. Now I have proof.

Exhibit A:

On the left hand side is my father, Hobart Garrett Pepper Jr. The key connection is to Lucinda Jett Pepper, my great-great-great-grandmother on the right hand side.

Exhibit B:

Here, we are connecting Lucinda Jett Pepper to William Allen on the lower right hand tree. Follow?

Exhibit C:

Here, we connect William Allen to... Veronica Medici. Veronica lived and died in Italy (She died during childbirth, judging from her death date and her son's birth date), but her widower husband and son came to New Amsterdam, i.e. New York, in the 1600's.

Exhibit D:

Here, we have Veronica Medici to Piero de Medici, the son of Lorenzo "Il Magnifico" de Medici. Now, one of the cool things about is that a lot of scholarly research is already there in the form of a OneWorld Tree. Whenever you get into a part of that, you just graft it on. So, the three unnamed generations are not my guess, but what scholars have decided is the case.

Exhibit E:

Here we have Piero through Lorenzo and all the way back to Giovanni "Di Bici" Medici, who is the founder of the Medici golden age.

Here's Lorenzo The Magnificent:

Definite family resemblance.

Now, where's my inheritance?

There used to be a magazine that chronicled the life of my family, obviously.


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