Thursday, May 17, 2007

On the Desktop II

Tonight's desktop:

This is a backlit shot of Saturn with the planet between the Cassini spacecraft and the sun. Yes, yes: That's Vince Vaughn and I'm watching The Break-Up. You got a problem with that?

Here's a slightly cropped version of the JPG sized to fit the blog template. The disc is not the planet, obviously, but rather a filter that the camera can shoot through or around. Here, it is set to be the size of the planet in the photo field so that the rings are brought into sharper relief. Just outside of the main ring disk, and before the first of the two fainter rings, on the upper left, is a small white dot (Which is blue in the 2000x1000+ pixel original): That is the earth!

I live stuff like that.

Hat tip to my friend and fellow Texas blogger John L from Texas' Best Grok for turning me onto this awesome image.

I distinctly remember, as a young boy of about four or five, finding this image to be especially... ah... interesting. I wasn't sure why, exactly, but every time I saw this on a billboard or in a magazine I paid 100% attention to it. While most little boys my age then thought girls had cooties, I was beginning to think differently about the whole thing.


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