Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fuga Electronica 1: Synclavier Transcriptions Complete

I have been highly motivated to get these done, so it took less than two weeks! Using the templates mentioned in the previous post, everything went as planned. With just a generic string section sound, I was able to work out the tempos and the number of staves for the final versions. Here's how it looks now:

I was figuring about 40 minutes total, and I'm 30 seconds short of of that, which is fine. The pieces range from 0:55 to 9:55, so there is nothing longer than ten minutes, which is also perfect. The next step will be to set up individual templates with the correct number of staves, so that all the tracks will begin with Track 1 in the Synclavier's sequencer. Then, I can sync the Synclavier directly with Encore and record the MIDI tracks into it in real time. After I assign timbres, I'll have the initial versions!

I figure another two weeks and I'll have the individual versions ready to record into the Synclavier.


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