Sunday, August 31, 2014

1985 Steinberger GL2T

The only steel string electric guitar I regret selling was a 1985 Steinberger GL2T-GR, which I bought from Ned Steinberger himself when I worked at Manny's Music on 48th St. (1984-1986). The GR was for the Roland GR Guitar Synth pickup that was on it, which I used with my Synclavier back then. Well, GL2T-GR's are very, very rare, so it will probably take me a couple of years to find on in acceptable condition. Meanwhile, I jumped on the first 1985 GL2T that came up on eBay that was in 90%+ condition, since I want to get back into playing steel string electric again. To be honest, every guitar made of wood feels primitive to me now, after playing the Steinberger back in the day, not to mention the carbon fiber Blackbird Rider classicals I've been playing for the past five years. So there was really no choice, since, sadly, Steinbergers like this are no longer manufactured.

There has never been a higher tech steel string electric than the Steinberger.

The Blackbird Riders look like acoustic versions of the Steinberger.

I was going to do a final Synclavier test today, but my AT&T service cannot connect to my site right now. It is hosted by Lunarpages, and they say other providers can connect just fine, so it's an AT&T problem. Hope it gets sorted out soon, because it's very frustrating.


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