Monday, October 03, 2005

Milestone One: 1,000th Visitor

Since I joined Site Meter back in June, I've had 1,000 visitors!

Congrats to whoever you are in Selkirk, New York running Windows XP, browsing on Firefox with Java 1.5, and viewing on a 1024x768 monitor (How do you do it? 1920x1200 isn't even big enough for me!), at 32 bits of color depth. The pic says 1,272 because I added an estimated 272 visitors before I joined Site Meter. That was an optimistic wild guess, I'm thinking now.

What REALLY kills me though is the referring URL. What the heck are Blogshares?! I have no familiarity with this concept. I poked around, and my little, itty-bitty, teeny-tiny, blog has a higher value than a few older blogs that have recieved more traffic. Seriously: What is the concept here? How do they evaluate this? Kinda hard for me to accept that people might actually spend money trading weblog futures.

But, then again, I'm a financial simpleton: I know if I make more than I spend, I'm OK. And, the only things I invest in are land, platinum, gold, and silver. I like those things. I understand them. God isn't making any more of any of them, and US gold and silver coins are particularly beautiful. I don't think staring at a stock certificate under a magnifying glass would give me the same thrill. Whatever.

Other bloggers I frequent have mentioned funny Google search terms that got them visitors. My favorite so far is "i want to listen to music". That's not the funny part. The IP address was There certainly are some profoundly intelligent Google virtuosos wasting time on the taxpayer's dime in Congress. I'm shocked... Shocked! It's seared, seared into my memory!


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