Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Blog Maintenance II

I have been highly distracted by - you know - real, actual life for the past week or so (Disagreeable chores and lawyers are involved, so it's kind of been crushing to the creative spirit, if you know what I mean). As a result, I decided to spend a couple of hours on some sorely needed updates to my blog template, since I'm just not in the mood for music blogging right now.

In the links section, I added a Medieval Music Glossary I found which is very cool, as well as three Joseph Schillinger related links which I highly recommend (I registered for the forum), as there are things you can get nowhere else but the Schillinger System, and there are some very talented individuals involved with those sites. New Renaissance is also... er... new, as is The Delian Society, which is a community of tonal composers I've been part of for a while now. We Delians are considering an independent site, so that link may change. If you are a tonal composer and you are not a Delian Society member, you should be. Super cool folks, and the e-mail list is very interesting.

I added just a snot-load of new blogs: Symphony Salon, Deceptively Simple, Eliot Fisk's Notes, Felsenmusic, Sounds Like Now, Renewable Music, What I Like About, Mysteries Abysmal, Because They are Dead, In The Wings (I love her), Boring Like a Drill, The ArtsJournal Triumvirate of Genius Music Pontificators, Sounds and Fury (Signifying... whatever), and even Sequenza 21 ;^).

I also added a link to Milton Babylon's old "Who Cares if You Listen" article. Judge for yourself, but it is a classic.

So, there you have it, there it is.

Now, I want my smooth, regular routine back: I absolutely hate it when I have to deal with real, actual life.

My life is supposed to be a day at the beach.

Or a picnic; a picnic would work.

UPDATE: While checking to make sure the new links worked, I found that I made an error which made Divertimenti invisible (I'm a magician, all right). So, Divertimenti is also new to the blog list, and the Sequenza 21 link now functions properly. Whew!


Anonymous dulciana said...

Ooooh, you can make me invisible? Now THAT could come in handy...

Thanks for the link!

11:50 AM  
Blogger Hucbald said...

Alas, your invisibility was an accidental happenstance. If it could only be intentional, I'd allow for myself to vanish before every embarrassing situation, and I'd be more than happy to share. Methinks we could all use it.

4:00 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Are you the hucbald who wrote that clever variation on a theme of Diabelli for the Quake concert a year or so ago?

12:05 PM  

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