Friday, March 10, 2006

FYI: New URL's for Fileshare and Download Pages

I had been having a lot of problems accessing my old fileshare page (The one with the MIDI and PDF files of my stuff). The problem I began to encounter was an illegal operation error, and I finally figured out that if you modify the page a lot and have it linked to a ton of files that you've updated a lot, it accumulates errors in the HTML code that leads to this problem. So, I deleted the page entirely and rebuilt it from scratch. All of the PDF's and MIDI's should be available through the Fileshare link in the sidebar, or just click here.

Since the same thing happens to the MP3 Downloads page if you modify it a lot, I tore that one down and rebuilt it as well. The final version of the Axial Fugue in E Minor for solo guitar - which will be the subject of the next post - is now there if you would like to hear an MP3 of it. This is v9.0, by the way!!! I used my top-drawer Real Nylon Guitar sound font for it, and it really does sound quite nice for an MIDI to MP3 conversion.

OK. Now it's time to start taking some screen shots of the score and uploading them to prepare for the next post.

Then again, I haven't ordered any fresh DVD's for a while...


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