Thursday, July 26, 2007


After a full week with this gizmo, one thing I can say is I'll never go anywhere without this thing. It really is internet in your pocket. If you are at a WiFi hotspot, it will list the WiFi network automagically, and as long as it's not password protected, you can select it and go right to work. Pages load as fast as with any high speed connection. If no WiFi, you can use the cellular network, which is just as slow as an old dialup connection. Pages are surprisingly readable in landscape orientation (Being 49 I need reading glasses), and zooming in is as simple as touching the screen with two fingers, and spreading them apart.

Best thing to me, though, is checking email. Typing takes some getting used to - I'm still hitting an adjacent letter about 25% of the time - but it's not as hard as I feared it might be. I doubt I'll be composing any MMM posts on it unless I'm on the road though.

The camera has no flash, but it'spretty cool for catching friends off guard.

My friend Ricky: Musician's Institute grad and the hottest rock guitarist in Alpine. For some reason the camera focused on his shirt. Either that, or he was moving a little.


The wages of jogging in the dark:

Stumbled over a pothole. It wouldn't be so bad, but I bruised the heck out of my thumb. Bad enough I fear I might lose the nail. Not the thing you want to happen in the middle of recording a new demo CD for your manager. I didn't even cuss. In fact, after saying "ouch!" I actually laughed, picked myself up, and continued jogging the last mile and a half home... leaving a trail of blood, I'm sure. Oh, you should see my left elbow! Gross.


Yess; "Fall down, go boom." If only I had been in a hayloft instead the middle of 10th street. Oh well.


Blogger solitudex said...

oh my goodness, looks awful! do take care of your most important fingers, george. will keep you in my prayers for your fast recovery.

take it easy, my dear fellow musician!

3:17 PM  
Blogger Hucbald said...

Thanks Jeff,

I usually average one or two of these jogging related tumbles a year, so it's not that unusual. I got the idea today of getting a pair of those wrist/hand guard gloves that inline skaters use (I used to do that years ago), and that's what I plan to do.

Be well, my friend,


4:49 PM  

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