Saturday, June 30, 2007

I Just Spent About $800.00 on a... Telephone

I must be out of my mind (OK, a "duh" moment for those who frequent this blog).

Got up this morning, sat down with my morning coffee, logged onto, and ordered an iPhone. The plan was - since I'm sure an upgraded model will appear sooner than you can sneeze - to order the $100.00 less expensive 4GB model, but when the moment of truth arrived, I found it impossible not to click on the 8GB model. It was also part of the plan not to load up on accessories, but I simply had to have a car charger... right? Availability - according to the site - was "2-4 Weeks" so no hurry on the shipping. Why then did I pay an extra $11.00 for 2-3 day shipping? I already have Cingular/AT&T, but there was no information about how to merge the iPhone into my existing plan, or how to set it up with my existing cellular phone number. I didn't care, for some reason, even though I've been sweating this for months. I just pressed the one-click checkout button and ordered it. I did all of this with a big, broad grin on my face. Not the usual expression on my countenance when I part with eight Franklins. Why? (That's a rhetorical question, as all of the aforementioned have been, since I don't think there are any logical answers).


Interestingly - or not - what made me switch from PC's to Macs all those many years ago now was Apple's old Newton PDA. I had a part-time job at a music store in Denton when I was a doctoral candidate at UNT, and the store owner had gotten a Newton 110 in some sort of promo deal. He had no clue what it was or how to use it, so I picked it up for a song. I became instantly addicted to the thing. I took all of my notes in class on it, I balanced my checkbook on it, and in no time I had to get a PowerBook to sync it up to: It's been all Macs all the time for me ever since.

Also interestingly - or not - when Apple dropped the Newton, I never got another PDA. The Palm and Blackberry devices didn't interest me at all: I didn't want something I could TYPE on, I wanted sometning I could WRITE on, like the Newton (And, the Newton 120-130 handwriting recognition software was awesome). Sure, I won't be able to write on the iPhone, but the interface looks amazing nonetheless. Since I'm not exactly a chatty guy - my mom will tell you I'm no "Great Communicator - It wasn't until 2003 that I got my first real cellular phone (I had a government issued one for a while before that, though).

So, why am I so jazzed about the iPhone?

Well, I'm an iPod addict, and it is an iPod (A widescreen video iPod, at that); I do need a cellular phone and it is... um... an iPhone; I have gotten pretty attached to eMail and it will sync with my Mac Mail account; and surfing on the web - even if the space is a little cramped - is something I always hoped my old Newton would be able to do. But that can't be all, can it? It isn't. The iPhone is simply the sexiest little techno-bauble in history, and I lust for techno-bling.


Now all I have to do is wait... and figure out who to call first.


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