Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Metallica Singer James Hetfield Investigated for Possible Terrorist Ties

MMM has never been a news and commentary blog, but I found this particular item to be craptacularly hilarious:

"Metallica singer James Hetfield was investigated by UK airport officials who believed he was a terrorist this week, it has been claimed. The star was barred entry to Luton airport on Thursday and questioned by staff who were concerned about his appearance. Fears that Hetfield might be involved in terrorism were apparently founded on his "Taliban-like beard", according to The Times. He was allowed to leave the airport after a brief interrogation, when he persuaded officials that he was a rock star. Metallica play Live Earth at Wembley Stadium in London tomorrow, before headlining the venue for their own show on Sunday evening."

This is not a joke. I ask you, does this man fit any terrorist profile you are aware of?

Jesus, Joseph and Mary. At least if they allowed profiling these brainless gits would have some guidelines to prevent embarrassing displays of abject stupidity such as this from happening again, as they doubtlessly will. These guys must have 75 IQ's and wear size 3 hats!

OK, I'll admit, the guy might seem terrifying to some, but would you in your wildest nightmares take this guy for a suicide bomber? Not if you have a functioning brain, you wouldn't.

They'd probably think this was a car bomb.


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