Saturday, November 01, 2008

Interesting Representation of Jesus (Updated)

While doing a Google image search of "Jesus" to get wallpaper for my iPhone (Hey, it's the "Jesus Phone" right?), I came across this image.

I'd link to the site, but it didn't explain any more than this: The image was made from The Shroud of Turin. It is quite striking to me, and I've read more than one book about the Shroud, in addition to many, many articles.

Anyway, I think it looks quite inspiring on my "Jesus Phone."

UPDATE: Here is Chist Pantocrator, the sixth century representation of Jesus that Dr. Shield mentioned in comments.

This was also based on the Shroud of Turin, and any student of western civ ought to be familiar with it... which begs the question, of course, that if carbon fourteen dating places the Shroud in the middle ages, how does Christ Pantocrator even exist with a much earlier date of nearly a thousand years? I'm smart, but I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, and the first thing I thought when those carbon fourteen results came back was, "Well, duh. The Shroud barely survived a fire at about that time, so of course it's infused with carbon from around that date." Simplistic, as there are other factors involved, like the patches of cloth from the repair after that fire, but really.

Much practicing and house hunting going on, so posting will continue to be once a week or so, and, well, trivial I guess.

Nothing trivial about this, however.

Never seen this sectacular redhead before, but the set dates from 2005, so she's not exactly new. Yes, her hair is really that red. All of it. LOL!


Anonymous Dr. Peter J. Shield said...

In my new book "In The Image Of His God - The curse of the Shroud", you will learn that an amazing number of images exist from the face on the Shroud dating back to my favourite - the Pantocrator (AD550) I had the opportunity to see it 'live' on my recent visit to the remote monastery of St. Catharines in Egypt's Sinai desert.You can see and download the image from my web site.
Dr. Peter J. Shield PhD

11:42 AM  
Blogger Hucbald said...

Greetings Dr. Shield, and welcome.

I have read books about the shroud dating back to my high school years in the early to mid 70's, so I was aware of the connection of ancient representations of Christ being linked to it and the Mandylion. The Christ Pantocrator image of 550 was one of the others I was thinking of using for my iPhone, in fact, but I found this modern rendering even more compelling. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any information about the artist or the techniques he used to create it.



11:30 AM  

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