Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Showing Mom Some Love

Being, as it were, sick and tired of being sick and tired of my computer problems, I decided to back up my new-to-me PowerMac G5 2.3 Dual Core and aluminum 23" Cinema HD Display with an old G4 450 Cube coupled with my old lucite 23" Cinema HD Display. Sure, I have a G4 400 15" titanium PowerBook (The very first model of that machine) and a 17" G4 1.67 aluminum PowerBook (The very last model of that machine), but I don't care how cool a notebook is, it just isn't as good as having a desktop with a vast display to work on coupled with a full sized keyboard. So...

After considering several options, I noticed that the old G4 Cubes are very inexpensive on eBay these days. Since I had a Cube before, I did bunches of upgrades to it - and so I know how to work on and in the machine - I decided to get another Cube for my backup. While buying all of the components for my "Super Cube" I decided to go ahead and get a second one for my mom. See, she has an Intel Pentium III machine that a friend gave her - a very nice gesture as it was a major hotrod in its day: Two HD's, two optical drives, &c. - but I haven't worked on a PC in about ten years, so when she gets stuck, I'm stuck!

Worked out perfectly. I actually bought three Cubes since they were so cheap and I wanted a machine to cannibalize for parts should something go wrong with one of the other two, and with all the extra memory, I was able to set mom up with a nice Cube with a lot of memory and a 17" TFT Studio Display (The largest display the stock Cube's graphic card can run). Those old 17" lucite displays are cheap now, so I bought two of those as well.

After upgrading the memory from the stock 128MB to 512MB I booted up the machine only to discover that the internal backup battery was dead. Ack! Well, better to start off with a fresh one anyway, so after a trip to Radio Shack I had mom's sexy machine up and running in the Hucbald Testing Laboratory.

I upgraded the OS to OS X 10.4.11 and ran Software Update to get her up to speed (I didn't think 10.5 would really give mom any advantages, and it's a memory hog). Then, I took it over and surprised mom with her new computer. She was tickled pink, and I felt like a good son: More than ample reward.

Of course, for the rest of the evening she was calling every fifteen minutes when she got stuck. LOL!

She's really cute - and she reminds me of a GF I had named Sydney - but her name is Georgia, so it could never work out. I like the name, but think about it: George and Georgia. See what I mean?


Blogger Claudia said...

Georgia would gladly change her name for you...

My son was very good to his mom too. 18 months ago, he strongly encouraged her to change her old computer, so that she could get the Internet. He came with a friend and installed the whole thing. She asked a thousand questions. Finally he got her going. She did have to call a number of times for 'imaginary' problems. She still calls (a bit less often!) But she's having so much fun going from blogs to blogs, reading about and writing to the whole world...She is forever grateful to her son, and thinks (like I'm sure your mother does!) that he is a genius, and the best thing that ever happened in her life. LOL

10:52 AM  
Blogger Hucbald said...

Good moms rock. Smart sons realize this. Sounds like you have a smart son. ;^)

Oh, and all good moms think their sons are brilliant. LOL!

10:13 PM  

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