Friday, November 13, 2009

Last Word on the Blackbird Rider and ErgoPlay (Promise!)

A quick look at the sidebar, "Hucbald Endorses" section will tell regular readers all they need to know: I have deleted Godin and added Blackbird.

As far as the guitar support - and playing the Rider Nylon while seated without one is virtually impossible - I first tried the regular sized model and found that the Rider's sound chamber was too shallow for both front suction cups to adhere. Then, I got the idea to try the "Kid Size" unit and it worked much better, since both front suction cups stuck, but the shorter frame, though seemingly inconsequential, made more difference than I though it would.

Well, while I was looking at the two units, I thought, "Hey, there's nothing keeping me from putting the "Kid Size" front slider piece on the adult sized frame!" So, that's what I did.

The "Kid Size" slider piece is dark blue, and the regular frame is black, so they don't match, but the difference is subtle enough that I don't really care. The main thing is that it works perfectly, and I'm a ruthless perfectionist... If you don't believe me, I can get you in contact with my ex-wife. LOL!

Of course, most people wouldn't spend almost $80.00 to get this setup, but since I am a perfectionist, I bought two of each size so both of my guitars feel the same. Yeah, my gear addiction factored into the divorce too, I'm sure. LOL!

My roving eye probably factored in there somewhere as well.


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