Friday, March 24, 2006

Blogging Doldrums

I'm progressing nicely with learning my new compositions on the guitar, but since the Fugue is in three voices - and it has a lot of technical requirements that are new for me as a result - it's pretty slow going. I figure the Fugue will take about three to six months to get performable, but then the Ricercare ought to be easier to learn since it will have very similar technical demands. The Extempore could be a PITA again, as it uses another novel (for me) set of techniques. Writing pure music for guitar is not easy, but it is rewarding. I've been through this process before with other compositions I've written in the past, so I know what to expect: It's no fun and it takes a lot of time, but nothing is easy that is worth doing.

Unfortunately, none of this provides much interesting material for blogging.

The G-Axis Study in E-flat Major is now re-memorized, and I'm deciding on the next new miniature to learn: I'm leaning toward one of the Lineal Studies since that is a new class of technical study for me, and I've noticed some interesting things about them which will allow for them to be performed in very, very "non-guitaristic" keys: This will further my goal of having at least one piece in all twenty-four keys in the Irreducible Essence series. That'll probably be the subject of the next post.



Thanks to Bart, I finally got a hit from Alaska! Now my little blog is five-by-five and corner-to-corner world wide, baby. LOL!


NO SURPRISE HERE: I'm a 100% perfectly pure Libertarian.

Take the world's smallest political quiz here.

It's funny: In my twenties I was a liberal-bordering-on-socialist; my thirties saw me becoming progressively more conservative, and then I realized that all forms of socialism are - in fact - social and spiritual poison, so now I'm a Libertarian. It's been a "long and strange trip", to borrow from The Grateful Dead.

If you read the writings of the founders of the US - Jefferson, Franklin, et al - they could only be classified as Libertarians today.


I think I really just have a simple case of spring fever.


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