Sunday, March 26, 2006

Wedding Music

Well, I have an upcoming wedding with some musical requests - music that I don't know, of course - so, I've been learning some tunes that are not strictly speaking on my itinerary, but I'm sure they will come in handy later on anyway.

One "bleg" I'd like to ask for: One of the pieces requested is the Pachelbel Canon in D. I found a guitar arrangement of it on the web that I was able to download for free - and it seems to be pretty good - but if any of you think you know of an "ultimate" guitar arrangement of it, I'd be interested in aquiring it.


For a really small town Alpine gets some amazing musical groups touring through, and there are an awesome group of local musicians out here. We have a guy who used to own the most prestigious guitar shop in Dallas where Stevie Ray Vaughn bought most of his axes, a guitar builder formerly of Austin who's electrics start at about $3K (And who was in the Austin Lounge Lizards), as well as some former rock and roll/MTV jock who now plays "classical" guitar (That would be me). Then, there is the Railroad Blues, which is a great venue.

Well, one of us talked to another of us who passed word to an old friend and - OK, I didn't actually have anything to do with it - but anyway, Eric Johnson agreed to come down from Austin and do a gig at The Blues! Since San Antonio is my home town, I've been a fan of Eric's since the early eighties; long before the rest of the world knew who he was. I even play one of his pieces, The Desert Song in my set. Soooo...

I got a ticket laying among some of the other stuff I've been distracted with.


Yup... It's official: Spring Fever.


Blogger John Lanius said...

Alpine got a decent write-up in last Sunday's Dallas Morning News for the Cowboy Poet gathering. Looks scenic (esp. for West Texas).

Eric Johnson is a good way to test guitar geeks -- anyone "in the know" knows who he is. I was fortunate to see him live at Riverfest in Austin back in the summer of '88 or '89. Tones is still one of my all-time favorite CDs.

Just yesterday I got out my Stuart Hamm CD to play "Lone Star" (special guest, Eric Johnson).

-JL, TexasBestGrok

10:32 AM  
Blogger Michael Manning said...

I think you have a good piece of music there. The guy who once worked on my Strat had a small shop alongside 635 LBJ Freeway and worked on The Dixie Chick's axes as well.

1:20 PM  
Blogger solitudex said...

Lol, Canon In D for the guitar. I've been harrassed by friends to play it but I refuse to add it into my repertoire. I always believed that playing Pachelbel's Canon on the guitar takes out the spiritual, heavenly part of the music, thus desecrating this most beautiful work. But well, maybe it's just inevitable since you're playing for gigs. Such pieces are the best to catch their attention.

11:13 PM  

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