Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back at Work

Don't think I did a blog entry about what I have been calling "The Plumbing Disaster" for several months now, which is strange because it completely shattered a great routine I had developed. Anyway, the twenty-five year old plumbing in my townhouse was nickel and diming us to death, so the property manager and owner decided to just replace it... all of it.

It was supposed to be a one day job last January, but there were a couple of things left undone. Oh, I forgot to mention that I had to move everything out from under all of the sinks, out of the laundry room, and out of all of the closets into my studio, didn't I? Doing this turned it instantly into a "junk room." This sucked in a major way.

So, of course, the work was done on a Friday, and it snowed on the Monday they were supposed to finish up. Days turned into weeks, and then they showed up unannounced on an afternoon I had a gig, and I didn't let them in. Weeks turned into months, and I finally got a call from the manager of the plumbing company. I was hot, but we worked out a time and got the guys to finish up... last month.

By this time, I had moved all of my stuff into the livingroom and had settled into a new routine. Well, I finally reached the "had it up to here" point last week, and so I cleaned out the "junk room" and returned it back to it's rightfull place as my Sanctum Sanctorum.

Here's just a peek:

The livingroom looks much better now as well, but I have to re-do my recording setup there.

That's OK, I got it.


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