Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy (Belated) New Year!

Whew! I hate moving, but I was highly motivated to get into the new house, so it really wasn't so bad. All of the major chores are out of the way - all the moving, new electric panel, arranging, deco - and now it's down to little stuff, and I'm getting back into my practice regimen.

I'm settling in pretty well, I think.

The computer/recording/entertainment center:

Which sits nicely in the "family" room.

Of course, I set up a dedicated practice/recording studio in the third bedroom.

And - in the second bedroom - I have a gym now!

There's enough room for a cardio machine of some sort too, so, since I've been wanting to get a fixed-wheel track bike to ride, I think I'll get a rolling-resistance frame for it for the winter and those rainy days.

The "living room" will be a dedicated listening area.

For now, I'm using my ancient 15" 400 MHz G4 Titanium Powerbook to run iTunes and CD's into a Lexicon NT 212 power amp - which is just a THX certified Bryston 3B ST with a Lexicon faceplate - into...

... a pair of Turbosound TXD-081's. I can play my favorite Georg Solti version of Beethoven's Ninth louder than live with this simple rig!

Oh, and what do you do if you buy a house with blue carpet? Why, you get a blue couch, of course (Getting the carpets cleaned and stretched was the FIRST thing I did to the place).



Blogger Claudia said...

Congratulations. It must have been so much work. But you're beautifully installed in every room. I love the blue colour. Have you done some hunting in the past?
Good luck with all the playing and exercise. Best wishes for the New Year.

10:17 PM  
Blogger Hucbald said...

Thanks Claudia!

Yes, I'm a catch and eat fisherman and a kill and grill hunter. LOL! I don't blog about that aspect of my life because, well, this is a music blog. ;^)



4:09 PM  

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