Sunday, April 23, 2006


Well, Springtime is in the air, and this young man's mind has turned to... motorcycles, shotguns, and machine shops. So, I'm going to my best bud's spread in SW Virginia tomorrow, and we're going to blast around on the Blue Ridge Parkway, shoot clay pigeons, and apply redneck tech to one of my motorcycles as well as my truck. You never know what we're going to create, but it will be cool because I'll get to use all of his super-cool power tools, his lathe, and a bunch of other zippy-widget stuff


We built this out of four different BMW motorcycles over the course of the last three years:


This is my other bike, which Brian and I have modified as well:


Brian and my truck the last time we got together: Hunting groundhogs (On a horse ranch, where their burrows are a severe injury hazard to the equine population).


I'll return... whenever the hell I feel like it.



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