Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Interesting Critters in my Back Yard IV: ALL the Mule Deer

So, I get up after a night of partying with my best buds the morning after my birthday to see this:

That's a mule deer buck of about three years age - no fawn, as I usually see back there. I shot through the window, so you can see the ghostly reflection of my camera above the deer. He was just laying there, chewing his cud. It would have been amazing under any circumstances, but with a borderline-psychedelic tequila hangover, it was particularly impressive.

I tapped once on the window and got a profile:

Tapped again to get his full and undivided attention:

Don't think this didn't enter my mind!

He jumpped up and ran off when I tried to open the back door to get a better... uh... "shot."


Seems that the local deer herd has taken to yarding up in the security of my townhouse complex. The next morning really early I snuck out the back door "vewy, vewy quietly," and caught five or six of them:

The two standing are young bucks - probably only two years old - and those still on the ground in back are does and fawns. The larger buck was not around. Nobody in our complex can remember this happening in previous years. January will mark four years here for me, and I've never seen anything like it before.

I have several great venison recipes. ;^)

Sun-bleached blondness. She has a great tan but no tan lines. What does that mean? LOL.

Ha! Our maintenance man just walked by outside with four or five deer running ahead of him. It's vaguely creepy, like some sort of sci-fi invasion flick.


Anonymous Pogria said...

The Deer are way cool Huc.

I only get kangaroos and goannas out the back of my place.

4:31 AM  
Blogger Hucbald said...

If I EVER see a kangaroo out back (haha), the first thing I'll do is check myself into a psychiatric ward.


9:22 AM  

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