Sunday, February 03, 2008

YouTube Discovery: David Underwood and Jackie King

YouTube is amazing. There's no telling what's going to turn up there. Here are two of my former teachers from my late teens and early twenties: David Underwood on the left, and Jackie King on the right. David still teaches classical guitar at Trinity University in San Antonio, I believe, and - last I heard - Jackie was living and performing in the San Francisco Bay area. Jackie was also in The Willie Nelson Family for several years, and those jazzy Willie Nelson albums are a direct result of Jackie's influence. Jackie is the best straight-ahead jazz improviser on the guitar I've ever heard or heard of.

David is playing a Bach piece, and Jackie is improvising to it (No, your eves aren't playing tricks on you: Jackie plays left-handed). I remember them doing stuff like this as a joke years ago, but I had no idea anyone ever videotaped it. Last time I saw either of these guys was back in the late 80's, and I'm guessing that this video dates from then.


The title of this photo shoot is Alpine Goddess. I live in Alpine, and I can tell you that girl is not from around here. I'd know if she was!


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