Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rissi Palmer

There's nothing I like better than someone who breaks molds, defies stereotypes, does their own thing... and doesn't give a hot, flying flapjack what anyone else thinks about it. Ms. Palmer was offered some sweet deals from top producers who offered to make her a pop star, but she said, "No thanks, I want to do country music." So, she continued to hold down odd jobs until... she made it happen.

I had heard this song before, but I was gobsmacked when I finally saw a picture of her. I had to laugh at myself (Hey, if I don't someone else will). I'm not really a fan of music videos in general, but this is pretty cool in a wholesome, corny kind of way.

It doesn't hurt that she plays the guitar...

... and exudes mass quantities of hotness.


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