Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another Nice Trip to Tucson

Played a private affair on Friday, and then a little coffee house gig on Saturday. I used the Godin Friday, but since the coffee house deal was a casual, low-pressure affair, I decided to play the RMC Nylon Fly there. I'm still not as comfortable with it as I am with the Godin, and I'm beginning to realize there are some suites in my set the Godin will work better for, but it went pretty well considering it was only the second time I performed with it. I'm sure I'll end up alternating between the axes.

Gabriel Ayala dropped by - someone I've been wanting to meet face-to-face for quite a while - and since he's a Guitar Institute guy and I'm a Berklee guy, we hit it off famously. I was a bit nervous performing for him - yeah, it still happens, especially on an unfamiliar guitar - but he was favorably impressed enough that he's thinking about a collaboration where I'll open for him and then we'd do a duo type of thing at the end. That would be fantastic, if it comes to pass.

Her nose is a bit prominent, but it's sure working for her. Yummy.


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