Tuesday, May 13, 2008

RMC Nylon Fly: First Test Tracks (Downloadable MP3's)

OK, I have finally gotten around to posting this - major busy preparing for some gigs in Tucson this week.

Here are the first three test tracks with the RMC Nylon Fly.

These are three of my own pieces: 01 is a prelude in D minor that uses a Drop-D tuning, 02 is a B-Axis Study in E major (Every other note in the melody is the open B string), and 03 is a freestyle poly-modal piece over an E pedal point.

Here is Hucbald Central Command:

The recording setup is the guitar into a Lexicon MPX-G2 Guitar Effects Processor, the MPX-G2 into a Lexicon Signature 284 All Tube Class "A" Stereo Recording Amplifier, and the Sig 284 into an original Digidesign M-Box. My Mac Mini is running v7.1 of ProTools LE.

All of the effects you hear are coming from the Lexicon - I use ProTools as a stereo digital recorder only - and these are all raw tracks and first takes with no editing at all. So, they are not perfect, but I couldn't spend much time on this due to the upcoming giggage.

The original M-Box is notorious for sounding tinny due to a problem with the Focusrite preamp - Focuswrong is more like it - so the highs sound quite harsh, but this is not what is going in, I assure you. This is the last straw for the M-Box, and when I return from Tucson, I'm going to hit eBay and get myself a Digi 002 Rack, which ought to cure the problem.

Anyway, I'll do round two when I acquire the 002.

I like bangs. Bangs are cool. Especially red bangs.


Blogger Minicapt said...

Sooo, 'Garageband' a little too much to handle?


2:01 AM  
Blogger Hucbald said...

You know, I've had Garage Band on my Mac for several releases, but I've never even opened it up to see what it does. Seriously, I have no idea what Garage Band is. LOL!



2:39 AM  

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