Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Heavy Nylon Demo 2

Welp, I finished the second of the three demos working up to the Heavy Nylon CD, and you can download all seventeen MP3's here. Here's the song list again:

01] Classical Gas - Mason Williams (A Minor)
02] Desert Song - Eric Johnson (A Minor)
03] G-Axis Study No. 4 - George Pepper (C minor)
04] Ode to Joy - L. van Beethoven (C Major)
05] Spanish Fly - Eddie Van Halen (E Minor)
06] Fighter Pilots - George Pepper (E Major)
07] G-Axis Study No. 1 - George Pepper (G Major)
08] A Day at the Beach - Joe Satriani (G Major)
09] Scherzo - George Pepper (B Minor)
10] Prelude No. 23 - George Pepper (D Minor)
11] Eu So Quero Um Xodo - Dominguinhos (D Major)
12] Prelude No. 7 - George Pepper (F# Minor)
13] Heavy Nylon - George Pepper (A Major)
14] Yankee Doodle Dixie - Chet Atkins (A Major)
15] Prelude No. 11 - George Pepper (G# Minor)
16] Tears in the Rain - Joe Satriani (A Minor)
17] Stairway to Heaven - Jimmy Page (A Minor)

Most of the best takes ended up being with the RMC Parker Nylon Fly, which was just the opposite of what I expected. I was experimenting with the EQ a lot, so it's all over the place, but I got some good takes of the pieces I've been playing for over a year. The newer ones, not so much. Peculiarly, Stairway to Heven has been way out of focus lately, so I never did get a decent take of that. I ought to be able to play that in my sleep!

Since I've developed a systematic approach to the recording process now, I always have a .txt file in front of me, so next time I'll keep track of the EQ settings and output levels so I can develop individual ones for each piece. In fact, I'll probably save all seventeen programs in a unique address on the MPX-G2 to make that easier. I'll also be adding this to the instrument roster next time:

Once the fretted Reynolds Glissentar has an RMC system in it, I'll have all three of my instrument projects done!

Now, I'm going back to my usual practice routine, and I'm going to begin memorizing some more new pieces. I only have my Jethro Tull-ized version of the Bach Bourree in E minor and Steve Howe's Mood for a Day left for Heavy Nylon, but I have just a bunch of standard repertoire pieces to get down for the followup, which will be called Electric Chestnuts. I want to get two of those and the Jethro Tull Bourree done before I start my winter metronome work so... off to the woodshed.


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