Tuesday, June 03, 2008

RMC Nylon Fly Test Tracks II

The Digi 002 Rack I got off of eBay arrived this morning, and it was a total Christmas experience. Since I was already running ProTools LE 7 on my Mac, I just plugged everything in, and it worked perfectly from the get-go. This unit sounds just a ton better than the original M-Box I was using: Gone are the harsh sounding artifacts in the high end that were bothering me so much with the M-Box preamp.

So, I recorded another three test tracks this afternoon. Again, these are all single takes with no editing at all, and all of the effects are coming from the Lexicon MPX-G2 in my recording rack. I'm running the MPX-G2 into a Lexicon Signature 284 Class "A" tube recording amp, using the power section only by running the MPX into the effects returns (Bypassing the Sig's preamp, IOW). The recording outs on the Sig then go directly into the Digi 002.

The way I use ProTools, it might as well be a digital tape recorder, but I do scrub the heads and tails and set the timing between tracks when I'm doing a CD, but these are totally raw.

I bounced the .wav files to my Mac's Desktop, dropped them into iTunes, and then used the "Convert Selection to MP3" feature to get the downloadable files. I love iTunes for this reasoon and the fact that it will also make MP3's out of MIDI files using whichever internal soundfont you select. Tres cool.

I recorded another prelude and study of mine this time, and then Classical Gas. I got pretty outre with the program for Classical Gas, so I may have just invented a new genera: Acid Classical. LOL!

Here's the Downloads Page.

The old tracks with the M-Box are 01, 03, and 03, while today's with the Digi 002 are 04, 05, and 06 (Classical Gas).

That's kind of a mischievous look the photog captured there.


Blogger koshak said...

Hi! I beg for advise. I play godin Multiac Nylon duet through marshall as50r.

want to buy a good reverb but have a budget of ~$600-700. I like TC m-one xl.

What can you say about it?

7:39 PM  
Blogger Hucbald said...

I had a Duet before I got my SA, and I learned quite a bit about it. First of all, the Duet has a relatively low output level, so it works much better if you play it through a tube type microphone preamp. The best one out there is the dbx 376 Tube Channel strip.

Once you have a good level there, I'd suggest running it through any Lexicon processor you choose - This will also work for the Marshall AS50R, as I see from the product description at Musician's Friend that it has an effects loop.

My specific suggestion would be a Lexicon MX200 because it has the reverbs and other useful effects as well... and it's only $199.99.

Eventually, you ought to think about a stereo mini-PA system like I use, since stereo live creates a much better sonic environment.



4:33 AM  

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