Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Heavy Nylon Now on MP3.com.au

This will be my last post on the Heavy Nylon Demo 2 project.

I have finally finished up the last chores, which consisted of comparing demo 2 with demo 1 and choosing the best tracks from each for the CD, burning a boatload of CD's for my manager, mom and friends, and uploading all of the MP3's into my MP3.com.au account. No doubt this will be the best solution for readers because MP3.com.au allows you to just listen to the tracks in your browser via their streaming audio player and download only the tracks you might like to have.

Note that I'm ranked #3 in Guitar, #4 in Electronic Classical, and #27 in Classical there! And that only on the strength of my Fossils CD of last year. I'm hoping I'll be #1 in Guitar after Heavy Nylon starts getting some plays, but the #1 and #2 guitarists are really, really good. I'd also like to be in the top ten in Classical, but there a lot of really good ensembles I'd be competing with. We'll see.

It wasn't until I did the track comparisons that I noticed I failed to rerecord one of the tracks, so the total is now eighteen. Here's the song list again, this time with the demo versions that made the cut.

01] Classical Gas - Mason Williams (A Minor) - Demo 1
02] Desert Song - Eric Johnson (A Minor) - Demo 2
03] G-Axis Study No. 4 - George Pepper (C minor) - Demo 2
04] Ode to Joy - L. van Beethoven (C Major) - Demo 2
05] Spanish Fly - Eddie Van Halen (E Minor) - Demo 1
06] Fighter Pilots - George Pepper (E Major) - Demo 2
07] G-Axis Study No. 1 - George Pepper (G Major) - Demo 2
08] A Day at the Beach - Joe Satriani (G Major) - Demo 2
09] Scherzo - George Pepper (B Minor) - Demo 2
10] B-Axis Study No. 1 - George Pepper (B Major) - Demo 1
11] Prelude No. 23 - George Pepper (D Minor) - Demo 2
12] Eu So Quero Um Xodo - Dominguinhos (D Major) - Demo 2
13] Prelude No. 7 - George Pepper (F# Minor) - Demo 2
14] Heavy Nylon - George Pepper (A Major) - Demo 2
15] Yankee Doodle Dixie - Chet Atkins (A Major) - Demo 2
16] Prelude No. 11 - George Pepper (G# Minor) - Demo 1
17] Tears in the Rain - Joe Satriani (A Minor) - Demo 1
18] Stairway to Heaven - Jimmy Page (A Minor) - Demo 1

The earlier version of Classical Gas was much more up-tempo, which got me thinking about tempi, of course. Spanish Fly is just a major PITA, and it goes in and out of focus constantly. I still have never captured a really good take of it, but I'm going to really hit that one and A Day at the Beach hard this fall and winter, so we'll see how demo 3 comes out.

B-Axis Study No 1 is the track I forgot this pass, so last year's version will have to do. All three of the final tracks are from the first recording, which is a bit disappointing, but again, the tempi were better.

Anyway, I learned a lot more this pass, so that's all the mission called for. I keep having to remind myself that I've only been playing the guitar for just over three years after almost four years of not touching one! Another winter of metronome work ought to pay pretty big dividends, as I'm just on the cusp of getting the slow-play/forte practice regimen completed for most of these tracks.

Stay tuned for next summer's version with the Reynolds Fretted Glissentar. That ought to be fun.


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