Monday, February 11, 2008

She's Off to See the Wizard

I have finally finalized arrangements to send my custom cedar Parker Nylon Fly to musician and luthier Jim Kozel to have an RMC Pickups system installed.

After emailing back and forth with Jim and Richard McClish - the brainiac behind RMC - most of the winter to figure out the best approach for this guitar, we've decided to go with the ultra-compact Polydrive I preamp and the super-responsive and warm Tall Acoustic Gold saddles.

This is a very exciting project for me, because I'll now have an RMC system in the Parker just as I have in my two Godin Multiac Grand Concert SA guitars.

Not only will I now have the 13-pin output for synth access, but I'll have it in a super-light electric nylon string guitar with a 24 fret neck and the best playing feel of any electric nylon string I've ever encountered, and I've played almost every one available over the past twenty years. Of course, I'll also have the regular 1/4" output jack for my traditional rigs, and that unbeatable RMC sound.

Unfortunately, the stock pickup system in the Parker leaves much to be desired: So much so, that I was not able to get an acceptable sound out of it at all. Like all piezo-based pickup systems, it suffered from a lot of "quack" in the sound, and just an unacceptable amount of boomy handling noise. The RMC system is the only one in the world that totally eliminates both of these problems.

What I'm really looking forward to is the ability to stand up while I perform for the first time since my rock and roll and jazz days: I can stand and perform with the Godins for sets of thirty minutes or less, but they are just too heavy to play a two-hour gig with standing up.

Like almost all former rock and jazz guys, I guess, I really enjoy standing up to perform: Standing allows me to move around and get into it!

"Cute": I can't define it, but I know it when I see it. I think this girl would have the market on cute cornered in whatever room she happened to be in.


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