Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Arranging for Guitar: The Devil's Trill - Tartini v2.0

One of the things on my desktop - and therefore not backed up - when my Mac Mini's HD kicked the bucket was v1.0 of this arrangement. Fortunately, like, less than an hour before that catastrophe, I was testing my new copier/printer/scanner, and I printed out the score. So, all I had to do was copy the music, not rethink the arrangement. Whew!

In v1.0 I just transcribed the opening and closing main sections that worked in D minor with the guitar in drop-D tuning, not the slow grave sections or the middle section, which modulates to A minor. That didn't really work, because the grave sections are necessary to properly introduce the "rocking" sections. Problem is, I really think that espressivo style is cheap, and besides, it doesn't transcribe to the guitar worth a damn. So, I just took the opening phrase of the first of those sections, reduced it to its basic form, and used that for the intro, link, and conclusion. I still haven't figured out what to do about the modulation - that will have to await v3.0 - but this is much better than my first effort.

I'm amazed at how well the violin part and the continuo transcribe to the guitar in the drop-D tuning, but the A minor section is going to take some thought, so it'll have to wait.

I got the idea to do this, by the way, when I listened to Vanessa-Mae's over-the-top rock version of this piece. I looked up the original score, thought about it, and went, "Oh, cool!" when I realized it would work on the guitar in drop-D, even with the accompaniment.

Here's the m4a: The Devil's Trill.

And, here's the score, posted w/o comment:

And yes, this is all technically executable on the guitar. Kind of amazing, but sort of happy accident amazing.

My God, she has the market cornered on dimples. What an impossibly cute girl.


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