Saturday, December 25, 2010

MMM Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, readers. Hope you're looking forward to great things coming together in the next year, as I am.

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Lexicon Christmas

Thanks again to Keith at The JukeYard for servicing my Lexicon MPX-G2's. I now have four out of five done up with fresh batteries and thorough checkups.

While doing this project, I lamented to Keith that it was too bad the MPX-G2's tuner wasn't able to calibrate to the A= 432Hz philosophical pitch I tune to. Well, it does! Sure enough, I had missed a level in the Tuner Edit Menu that allows offset in cents. It comes out that -33¢ is equal to A= 432 (For some reason, the Axon AX-100 Mk II zeros in on 432 at -34¢), so I was able to eliminate the Behringer BTR2000 Racktuners from my rigs, which has made them 1U smaller. Additionally, the Lexicon MPX-R1 MIDI Remote Controllers I use have a Tuner Function, so I'm able to use that again, which is far superior to having a separate mute switch for the Behringers.

Here's my day-to-day rig, now down to just 3U:

And for the larger venues, I have a Lexicon 212 - which is just a Bryston 3B-ST with a Lexicon faceplate - instead of the Bryston 2B-LP, which makes 5U (The SKB Rolling Rack was the only one of 5U I could find).

Finally, without the BTR2000, my synth rig has gone from 8U with a vent panel to 6U!

You can see why I called this post A Lexicon Christmas: Three MPX-G2's, an NT 212, and an I-ONIX fw810s.

Not in this post are the 4U rack, which uses a MESA Stereo Simul-Class 2: Ninety tube power amp, and my main recording rig, which is still a work in progress. Keith says I'm a musical mad scientist, to which I reply, MuaHahahaha!

Merry Christmas!