Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fuga Electronica

I haven't much to post right now, but there are many irons in the fire. John Hill of Synhouse is testing my Synclavier, so I should have that next month sometime, and I also have another Rider Nylon guitar in final build too, so July ought to rock.

After finishing the Ricercare for Orchestra I realized I had enough pieces for an album. I had collected most of the fugues in a folder called, Fuga da Camara - Chamber Fugues - but realized I could do an electronic album with them on the Synclavier now. Hiring classical musicians to record them would cost a fortune - I'd basically need an orchestra and all the chamber groups they could form - but with the Synclavier, I can do it all myself as a purely electronic album. Besides, combining the geekiest form of composition with the geekiest synth of. all. time. will be something unique. So, I'm going to call it, Fuga Electronica and it will have the following nine pieces:

01] Alegro: Four-Voice Sonata-Fugue in E Minor (Orig. Guitar Duo), 2011 - 3:00

02] Lament: Three-Voice Sinfonia in D Minor (Orig. String Trio), 1990 - 3:30

03] Valse Macabre: Three-Voice Fugue on a Tone-Row (Orig. Wind Trio), 1995 - 3:00

04] Andante: Four-Voice Fugue in F Minor (Orig. String Quartet), 1994 - 5:00

05] Jubilate: Four-Voice Ricercare in F Major (Orig. Wind Quartet), 2006 - 6:30

06] Scherzo Comico: Three-Voice Fugato in D Minor (Orig. Chamber Orchestra), 2005 - 1:00

07] Allegretto: Three-Voice Fugue in A Minor (Orig. Solo Guitar), 2005 - 2:00

08] Adagio: Five-Voice Ricercare in A Minor (Orig. Symphony Orchestra), 2013 - 10:00

09] Finale: Free-Voiced Ricercare in E Minor (Orig. Solo Guitar), 2007 - 5:00

Total Time: 39:00

So basically, a nine movement electronic symphony or, A Symphony of Fugues, which might make a good subtitle.

Long before I became a virtuoso composer of counterpoint, I was a virtuoso Synclavier programmer who created electronic music like this piece called Fractals (MP3). In that, all of the sounds and effects were created by me (Except, I think, the church bell), and all you're hearing is a 32 voice stereo additive/FM Synclavier: No reverb, no chorus, no compression, nothing. So, I'm going to do this treatment with my "new" Synclavier and nine of the fugues I've written.

I love how there are circular and cyclical aspects to musical evolution. I really thought something would come along to replace the Synclavier for me, but it never happened. So, back to the beginning!