Saturday, March 31, 2018

Synclavier 3: A Thirty Year Dream Comes True!

You may have noticed I haven't been posting much about music the past year or so. Problem was, I was stuck trying to interface 80's technology into my twenty-first century workflow, and it just was't happening. Too many things go wrong with the old hardware, and I can't get into a groove with recording if I'm constantly interrupted by gear failures. Well, all of that has been addressed by the Synclavier 3 interface and hardware. It completely eliminates all the original Synclavier computer, memory, drive, and monitor hardware, and allows for the original voices - very reliable and I have spares - to be directly controlled by a Thunderbolt Mac! This means no more floppy drives, no more Winchester hard drives, and no more VT-640 or Pericom dumb monitors! Even the Synclavier keyboard and Digital Guitar Interface are optional now!

Not only that, but all of my Encore scores can be transferred into the Synclavier sequencer directly within Mac OS! At long last my workflow will be completely integrated within my Macs! This changes everything, and I'm seriously psyched.

My old friend Mitch set me up. We hadn't seen each other for thirty years!

So, I have one album in the can which I'll release within a few weeks, and that's nine tracks from the 80's I did, and then I have an album of synth guitar music all scored up in Encore that I'll begin working on. That's classical guitar music I'm going to realize with the Virtual Synclavier Guitar I developed with Encore. The Synclavier version of Fuga Electronica and the second album of guitar music will have to wait, as the first Synclavier 3 system is 32 stereo voices, and I'll need the 64 voice system to do those - Sonata Two is for two guitars - but I'm off and running finally. Very wound up!