Saturday, March 26, 2011

Epic Drunk Driving Fail in the 'Hood

Some young buck in a pickup truck - no word on whether he was wearing a pink carnation, but he was definitively out of luck - launched himself and his vehicle into a house in my neighborhood back at the beginning of the month. The truck burst into flames and caught the house on fire.

I walk by this house every day on my 6-8 mile walks. Fortunately, nobody was home and even the drunk driver was not seriously hurt.

To give you an idea of how spectacular this was, here is the intersection from which the truck went airborne.

The cross street is Thousand Oaks, and the road going off into the distance is Bulverde Road, which turns into Scarsdale as it enters my neighborhood. What you can't see from this angle is that there is a rise, very similar in size and angle to a waterski jump, onto Scarsdale. The reason there is no damage to the landscaping in the foreground is because the truck was in the air over it. The police estimated the distance the truck was airborne at over 100 feet.

I walked across to the sidewalk in the picture above to show where the truck landed.

He made it almost to the sidewalk, and the curb deflected his trajectory to the right, and into the house. Within a couple of days, the house was demolished down to the slab.

This is the second time, to my knowledge, that this house has been hit by a car. I don't think I'd want to live there. lol.

The caption said she's French. Having spent a lot of time in France, I could have told you that just by looking. She's almost stereotypically Gallic. Quite pretty, though.